Monday, January 28, 2013

Guided Math-The Journey

It has been about two years since I first became interested in guided math.  It has been a journey!  I have still not mastered it, but I feel like I have finally made strides in the right direction. 

I like that I am able to differentiate the lessons for my students by utilizing three different groups to teach a math concept.  My goal is to do guided math three times a week.  Sometimes that just does not happen.

My biggest struggle has been with what to do with everyone else so that I am not ripping my hair!  I have found that breaking my class into three groups works best.  One group is with me, one group is at their desks, and one group is at workstations. 

For those students who are at workstations; they have a checklist.  They can choose which workstation they would like to go to.  The kids leave the math workstation buckets out so when we switch, the next group does not to set them back out again.  The last group at the workstation buckets cleans them up when we are done with guided math.

I have attached my checklist for workstations if you would like to take a peek.

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